Here's a rough Look at How I price things!

Southeastern and Central Ohio

The prices vary greatly depending on the location, type of animal, and what needs to be done to catch it. We recommend you start with a job site inspection/evaluation to decide on the best course of action. An inspection/evaluation will consist of us coming to your site and locating the animal/animals. Also we will be inspecting the home or building for the access point where the animal or animals are entering.        

We serve:

Residential homes and yards
Municipalities and parks
Commercial buildings and grounds
Educational buildings and property
Government facilities and property

We offer the following services:

Animal capture, removal and relocation
Scheduled inspections of grounds and/or buildings
Preventative solutions and aids
Dead animal location, retrieval and removal
We also offer some minor home repair and monthly property inspection programs

FEES: Some amounts are due upon completion of services unless previous arrangements have been made.

Service Call, Set Up and Evaluation / Inspection: $75.00-$130.00 (non-refundable) this is the trap set up if you use our services! Service calls, and it usually includes 3-5 days of trap monitoring.

Animal Removal: Trapping program minimum $60.00 per Target animal (Except coyote, red fox, grey fox and beaver. They vary in price)

Animal Removal: Trapping program minimum $70.00 per Target Skunk        

Animal Removal: Non targeted animal half price or $35.00 per animal $35.00 (Except coyote, red fox, grey fox and beaver. They vary in price)


*Keep in mind we also offer repair services for any damage done by the animal or anything else you may need. We would repair what you needed before our job is finished. repairs include  wood damage, chimney caps, facia, soffit, siding, roofing, gutters and much more!

*10% discount to people over the age of 65

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