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Hello my name is Cody Frank, I own and operate Ohio Wildlife Catch & Control. I have many years of experience in trapping wild animals, and Wildlife control. I am certified and insured in the entire state of Ohio. I do dead animal removal as well as live animal removal. My company is currently servicing these places, or small tows around them here in Ohio, Columbus, Lancaster, Zanesville, Chillicothe, Pickerington, Logan, Circleville, Nelsonville, Canal Winchester and a few more. We will come in and evaluate the situation, than depending on the animal, we will take the best course of action for trapping and removing the animal for you! Regardless of rather you're inside city limits, or out of the city limits, Ohio Wildlife Catch & Control can take care of your problem animals. Most Cases of our Animal removal results in, Raccoon removal, Skunk removal, and Squirrel removal. attics are a great place for these nuisance animals to live, if not taken care of they can really do some damage by chewing electrical wiring, and tearing up duct-work for your heating and cooling system. We believe its also very important to be aware of the diseases these animals carry, especially if you have kids and pets! To view a list of nuisance animals you may be having problems with, click the link "Animal characteristics". If you would like to contact us about your problem or schedule an appointment today click "contact us" just below!

Southeastern and Central Ohio

Counties we serve

-Hocking County

-Fairfield County

-Pickaway County

-Perry County

-Franklin County

-Vinton County

 We specialize in

-Raccoon removal

-Opossum removal

-Squirrel removal

-Groundhog removal

-Skunk removal

-Ground mole removal -Muskrat removal

-Beaver removal

-Animal damage repair

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call!

Here is how I can serve you. We are fully licensed and insured to do all of the following!!

Residential homes and yards.
Commercial buildings and grounds.
Educational buildings and property.
Government facilities and property.

Here are the Services i offer.

Animal capture, removal and relocation.
Scheduled inspections of grounds and/or buildings.
Preventative solutions and aids.
Dead animal location, retrieval and removal.
We also offer some minor home repair such as siding, fascia, gutters, shingles,chimney caps, and more.

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